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Program of the unveiling ceremony of the Chipoudie Monument
August 16th, 2019 at 10:30 am at Riverside-Albert, in Albert county N.B.

Objectives of the post-unveiling program
Historical and genealogy program:

* Provide an opportunity to the Acadian descendants of the families of Chipoudie to become familiar with their family history and their genealogy.  

* To become familiar with the historical and natural beauty of their former homeland.  

Social program:

* To make the visitors feel welcome and wanting to come back, by giving them an opportunity to spend some time on the soil of their ancestors.  

* Provide a chance to the visitors and the local people to mingle and possibly open a dialogue between the two languages and cultures.  

* Provide an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a meal, entertainment and some shopping in a relaxed, country-style atmosphere.