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Chipoudie monument to honor the presence of the Acadian families in Riverside-Albert of Albert County

In 2015, my brother Paul and I decided to go on a discovery journey of ancient Acadian establishments along the South-Est coast of New Brunswick at the site of the ancient colony called Chipoudie, an area surrounding the village of Riverside-Albert. Even though several people ignore the presence of this ancient colony established along Shipody Bay in Albert County, the census of 1755 confirms that there were 77 Acadian families spread into 26 different family names for a total of 425 people. Among these numerous families living there, we learned to our great pleasure, the presence of the Savoie and Thibodeau families, our ancestors.

Our first thought was to erect a monument to the Savoie family, but we soon realized the magnitude of this ambitious project, because we had to not only find a piece of land to install the monument but determine who would take care of the site once installed. Far from abandoning our original dream of making sure this region would be remembered as a former Acadian settlement, we had the wonderful idea of installing a monument for all the families who lived in Chipoudie from 1700 to 1755. It’s within this context that I called Jim Campbell , the mayor of Riverside-Albert who immediately received this idea as being favorable for his village as well as our own project.

Immediately, Paul and I designed an action plan and formed a working group made up of people representing the pioneer families of this region so that we may define the vision and organize a fund-raising drive directed at paying for the monument. The working group consisted of the following people: Wilfred Savoie, Dolores Breau, Nicole Breault Marquis, Yvon Comeau, Ronald Martin, Paul Savoie, Ernest et Fernand Thibodeau. Later, Hélène Dupuis, Anne-Marie LeBlanc and Roger Martin were added to the committee. The meeting with the Riverside-Albert village council was a successsince we now have a piece of land where our monument is built and the village has agreed to maintain. A joint committee has been appointed consisting of members of the village and the working group to see to the organization of the unveiling ceremony including the social event of the after unveiling ceremony.

This monument will not only inform the general population of the presence of these families along the coast of the Shipody Bay between 1700 and 1755 but it will also commemorate Pierre Thibodeau, the founder of Chipoudie.

This success of this initiative is the result of collaborative efforts of a workgroup representing some of the pioneer families such as Blanchard, Boudreau, Breau, Brossard, Brun, Comeau, Forest, Girouard, Gaudet, Léger, Martin, Saulnier, Savoie, Thibodeau, etc. While inspiring a deeper appreciation and understanding of the area’s rich history and heritage, this monument will contribute to the collective memory of the millions of the Acadians of the Diaspora.

The non-profit working group for the Monument of Shepody (Chipoudie) welcomes the decision of the Council of the Village of Riverside-Albert to host a monument in honor of the Acadians in their village. “We’re pleased to have the Monument of the Acadian families who settled in the Shepody area and promote the history of the Acadian settlers and their families who toiled to dyke the marshes and settle the land,” stated Jim Campbell, Mayor of Riverside-Albert. Wilfred Savoie, president of the working group said that “this partnership means the monument will have a special place in the heart of the village while reflecting the great family values of the Acadian people.

We could add that this cooperation between our two-language community could serve as an example to others that with a little goodwill on both sides, wonderful things can happen.

A special thank you to the donors without whom this project would not have seen the light of day.

Wilfred Savoie, president of the working group.